We are an outpatient centre that provides confidential assistance to individuals and families experiencing problems with drug abuse. The basic difference between an outpatient and an inpatient centre is that with an outpatient programme people remain integrated in their everyday activities. Which means that as an out patient, you’re forced to deal with the situation “on your feet”. Whilst you may receive support from family, friends and our staff, a large responsibility lies on your shoulders.

Sometimes attending an outpatient programme may not be adequate, depending on the severity of the case. There are state subsidised and private inpatient programmes which cater for such incidences. In the case of a private initiative, access is easier. However, this could cost up to R60 000. Some medical aid institutions do cover this cost. The state subsidised option can cost in the region of R5000 to R12000.

We are the only outpatient centre in South Africa to empirically evaluate our treatment services.