I came to the Centre with the mind-set of just getting through this to please my wife. I know I had a problem, but didn’t acknowledge the size of it, although I was interested in quitting.

During the first few weeks, I was able to recognize some of the symptoms of addiction in my life. Sometimes I accepted what I learnt, but I rejected a lot because I didn’t like how it made me see myself. I reasoned that some behavior was “normal” and certain things that had happened to me were not related to my drug use.

After the lecture on Denial (and behavior to make excuses) a light went on for me and I could better understand and acknowledge the addict behavior in my life. It became easier to accept what I was. This made it easier to understand the earlier lectures and apply them to my life.

At the end of the program I am more accepting of being an addict. Now I’m happy to be clean, and my relationships with loved ones are improving. I believe I can, with the help of my wife and others, go safely through life.

38-yr-old male Tik addict in recovery
Observatory branch