A sincere thank-you to CTDCC and my counselor Fairuz for all the assistance and knowledge provided. I would like to explain briefly the role that CTDCC has come to play in my life. It has been a God-send working with Fairuz, simply because it is evident that she has a passion for what she does, and that has made all the difference to me.

I first attended CTDCC in 2007 and returned in March 2013. Since then I have a new perspective. From attending the Lectures and struggling to stay clean, I have come to recognize the SERIOUSNESS of the ILLNESS of addiction! I am more afraid for my life now and therefore glad despite the pit I am in. I now see that recovery will be a life-long process, which I embrace with ease. The Women’s group has also been beneficial since I have difficulty expressing myself, and explaining my most likely trigger as a drug addict, in front of males. The encouragement and sympathy received from the counselors and other female addicts has given me hope to cling to life again. 

The aroma-therapist Jessie has also made a huge difference with her gentleness and free-style massages. After each session I felt like I was walking on clouds.

I am truly grateful to CTDCC – the world class staff, informative lectures, group sharing, aroma-therapy and acupuncture. CTDCC is a little hub of information for addicts and their loved ones, to keep searching and keep up-to-date with all other help on hand. A heartfelt thank-you, and together I pray that we all do well.

37-yr-old female tik & dagga addict 
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