Meet the CTDCC family


Observatory branch

The Observatory branch has been a pillar in substance abuse sector. It stands steady under the rigid  yet prudent structure to ensure efficient service delivery. This is best described through the words of a client:

I would like to say thank you to everyone at CtdCC for your help in my recovery. The program was very helpful. Some of the positives of how the program is run are:

  • Very professional staff with the ability to make most addicts feel like  participating in the groups and lectures;
  • Punctually run program;
  • Neat and tidy centre with appropriate encouraging statements on the walls;
  • Welcoming – pleasant reception staff, and nice to be offered tea and coffee;
  • Well-structured lectures which follow a logical sequence and allow addicts to understand the psychology of what they face in recovery;
  • Individual sessions very helpful – a safe space to open up.

As a whole the program is great – inclusive, not being directed at a specific ethnic or religious group.

As addicts are often very difficult to work with, being a counsellor to such people must definitely be a calling. Thank you once again CtdCC!”

28-yr-old female dagga addict in recovery, Obs branch

Alida Louw Office Administration Assistant
Ashley Potts Director CTDCC
Fairuz Mustapha Clinical Manager/ Senior Social Worker
Felicia Brown Training Manager
Henrico Esau General Worker
Lelethu Qotole Social Worker
Lize Walker Social Worker
Mogamat Sedick Social Worker
Olwetu Matolengwe Social Worker
Vivienne Ewers Receptionist


Arlene Slabbert Social Worker
Hazel Hess Senior Social Worker / Branch Manager
Natasia Lewis General Worker
Nonkululeko Tyulu Social Worker
Theresa Eiman Receptionist
The team - ATLANTIS



Just 40km from the CT CBD, and originally an industrial plant started in the early 1970’s Atlantis is said to have a population of a quarter million. Locals refute this census saying it’s at least half a million. Our journey to starting up our Atlantis treatment centre has been a rather interesting one. Encountering a small, dispersed community has been a real eye opener. Treatment alone is not the whole answer. Embracing the cohesion of both treatment and support services is necessary in restoring the once overt beauty for which this community stood.

The establishment of CTDCC Atlantis branch is a direct response to the cries of the people. Local government tasked us to establish a community based treatment programme. This is our core business and staff are experts in the field of addiction. We look forward to the ongoing hospitality we have experienced over the past few months. We believe that our beneficiaries will see results through the collective sharing of resources this community has to offer.

Our newly appointed team has seen a positive response thus far, and we will soon be able to report on the statistical treatment data of this program.

We are grateful to the respective ward councillors and other government officials who have shown their support to the establishment of this service. Both Cllr Cynthia Clayton and Cllr Barbara Rass have been offered great support thus far. We are also very grateful to the Saxon Sea staff and management, and Departments of Social Development and Health for their input. We look forward to the further investment of both local businesses and bigger corporations, as we continue to strive for service excellence in this community.

Bridgette Cloete General Worker
Gerda Smits Social Worker
Janet Smit Senior Social Worker/ Branch Manager
Miriam Paulse Receptionist

Alida Louw - Office Administration Assistant

Alida RhodeCTDCC – ObservatoryGeneral Worker / Admin SupportSeeing clients coming in here for the first time they look as if they have given up hope. What i do like in working in this field is when clients leave the programme they seem more eager to keep on working towards their recovery. My highlight is the clients that come back to say they are still clean after a few years.


Arlene Slabbert - Social Worker

Arlene Slabbert joined the Mitchells Plain Branch during August. She completed her Social Work Degree at the University of Stellenbosch. She has previously worked at the Mudita Foundation where she worked with adolescents and substance abuse. 


Ashley Potts - Director CTDCC

Ashley PottsDirector – CTDCCWorking with a TEAM that understand their roles makes managing an easy task. The bonus of serving a TEAM who works from a premise of passion makes coming to work each day feel like you on permanent leave… I love what I do so much that I never have enough hours in a day or weeks in a month and welcome more….


Brandon Langley - Intern

I’m Brandon Langley from Eastridge, Mitchell’s Plain. I studied my undergraduate(BA) and postgraduate(Honours in psychology) degrees at UWC and graduated in 2019 and 2020 respectively. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to do an internship at CTDCC. This experience would be pivotal in  my journey to become a clinical psychologist. I hope this opportunity is the beginning of a long lasting relationship between the centre and myself


Bridgette Cloete - General Worker

Bridgette forms a crutial part of the Atlantis team. She helps ensure that things get done and that clients receive the best possible services. One of her passions in life is to help people.


Fairuz Mustapha - Clinical Manager/ Senior Social Worker

 Fairuz Mustapha CTDCC – ObservatorySenior social workerI remain committed to the substance abuse field because recovery transforms lives, rebuilds families and strengthens our communities. I just love being a witness to this change process.


Felicia Brown - Training Manager

Felicia Brown is our dedicated training manager. Her lively energy and passion for teaching, engages any audience. To contact Felicia please email her at


Gerda Smits - Social Worker

Gerda Smits joined the Atlantis Branch in March.  She has a passion for helping people and social work.


Hazel Hess - Senior Social Worker / Branch Manager

Hazel HessSenior Social Worker / Branch Manager


Henrico Esau - General Worker

Henrico is innovative and hard-working. Beside being very handy, he is also very friendly towards everyone.


Janet Smit - Senior Social Worker/ Branch Manager

Janet is a Social Worker from the Atlantis branch."I have a passion for seeing people learn and grow. It gives me renewed energy to provide hope and guidance to those in need. Here at CTDCC I get the opportunity and privilege to walk a road with people and in the process to learn and grow with them."


Lelethu Qotole - Social Worker

Lelethu Qotole joined Observatory branch in January. Lelethu completed his Social Work degree at the University of theWestern Cape. He has previously gained experience in a children’s home and a special school.


Lize Walker - Social Worker

Social Worker at the Atlantis Branch."Working within the field of addiction is extremely rewarding. To witness a process where an individual is given the space and opportunity to unlock strength and potential is why I do what I do. The field of addiction work is a process where professionally we are able to facilitate the process of change, by affirming and supporting each client that walk through our doors, but at the same time putting them in the driver’s seat. I truly believe that the key to a healthy and wholesome life lies within, therefore it is an honor to be able to witness as individuals identify this within themselves. By means of the integration of psycho educational aspects clients are able to cultivate positive and productive lifestyle changes that ultimately lead to a greater quality of life."


Miriam Paulse - Receptionist

Miriam PaulseGeneral Worker – Atlantis “It is always a pleasure helping people and being a part of the DCC team, enables me to help those who struggle with substance abuse problems”


Mogamat Sedick - Social Worker

Mogamat Sedick CTDCC – ObservatorySocial WorkerThis type of work is spiritually fulfilling to me and every success story drives me to find the next one who needs assistance with getting their life back on track. I love seeing the transformation which takes place into something beautiful.


Nafeesa Ismail - Intern

Welcome to the team Nafeesa!


Natasia Lewis - General Worker

Natasha Lewis is our new general worker at our Mitchells Plain branch. She is very hard working and always willing to go the extra distance.


Nonkululeko Tyulu - Social Worker

A warm welcome to Nonkululeko, the new social worker at our Mitchells Plain Branch. 


Olwetu Matolengwe - Social Worker

We are proud to welcome Olweto to our Obseratory team. She is kind and hardworking soul, that brings a new dynamic to our team.


Shantay Carlson - Intern

Welcome to the team Shantay!


Theresa Eiman - Receptionist

Theresa EimanReceptionistWoking with addiction has helped me to appreciate the Social Status of others.


Vivienne Ewers - Receptionist

Vivienne EwersReceptionistCTDCC - Observatory   


Willdon Filander - Intern

Welcome to the team, Willdon!