How does our training for employees benefit companies?

A short, half day workshop presented by the Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre, called Introduction to Substance Abuse, has been proven to benefit employees in real and concrete ways, i.e. by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

Secondary benefits have been an improved morale, a decrease in interpersonal friction and sense of renewed hope.

Many employees struggle with a child or partner in addiction. These relationships are highly problematic and usually include physical and emotional abuse, not to mention financial stress and occupational challenges. After years of trying to cope on their own, employees inevitably develop a sense of hopelessness and bitterness, which has a ripple effect throughout the workforce. Stress levels become chronic and intolerable and start to impact the employee’s health and wellbeing and ability to function.

Companies who offer this workshop to those who are particularly affected by substance abuse or who feel they would benefit from it, (such as supervisors and managers), confirm that they have seen an improvement in the well- being of their employees in this regard, which has long term impact.

Struggling with addiction on your own is an almost insurmountable challenge. This half day workshop, conducted on-site at your convenience, provides employees with insight and information on what addiction is and how to address it; - whether this relates to substance use challenges for the person themselves on whether with a family or community member.

The workshop also provides valuable information on resources, which can be accessed for treatment and ongoing support, whether for themselves or the addict, so that the workshop forms a vital first step in a process that can lead to recovery and restoration for the employee and their family.

Conducting these workshop with small groups of employees (of about ten to fifteen at a time over a period of four to six weeks) has been successfully implemented by companies in the Cape, where the challenge of substance abuse is crippling many families. 

Here are some of the comments made by employees who recently attended such a workshop:

To the question: What information did you find the most helpful in the training session?

““To find out it is a disease and that you need to change your behaviour if you want the addict’s behaviout to change

“Learning about boundaries”,

“Sharing everybody’s stories,

“the information is empowering”,

“About paying his bail”.


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