What is Motivational interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing evolved from Carl Roger’s person-centered, or client-centered, approach to counseling and therapy, as a method to help people commit to the difficult process of change. The process is twofold. The first goal is to increase the person’s motivation and the second is for the person to make the commitment to change. As opposed to simply stating a need or desire to change, hearing themselves express a commitment out loud has been shown to help improve a client’s ability to actually make those changes. The role of the therapist is more about listening than intervening.

Motivational interviewing is often used to address addiction and the management of physical health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. This intervention helps people become motivated to change the behaviors that are preventing them from making healthier choices. It can also prepare individuals for further, more specific types of therapies. Research has shown that this intervention works well with individuals who start off unmotivated or unprepared for change.



What previous delegates have said about our Motivational Interviewing workshop:

1. What information did you find the most helpful in the training session?

The method of MI.

“I found the Spirit of MI and the actual tools the most helpful, because now I can incorporate it into my life and work.”

“The different types of reflection, since I did not know there were so many.”

“Reflecting exercises. I will definitely use them in my sessions with clients.”


2. What did you enjoy the most about today’s training?

“The activities we did to implement what we learned.”

“The practical activities.”

“All of the activities. It was fun getting to know more about my colleagues.”

“The video and the exercises that we did.”


3. Do you feel the training meet your expectations?

“Yes it did. It will help asking less questions to clients.”

“Yes it did, as I will practice most of the things….”

“Over and above. It was excellent.”

“Yes, I enjoyed it a lot and found it very stimulating.”


4. How did you experience the trainer?

“Vibrant and involved- included everyone in the training.”


“Engaging and very knowledgeable.”

“She is very patient. Knows what she is doing.”


5. Was the information presented clearly? Yes/No


6. Would you recommend this workshop to others.


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