Welcome to 2020 CTDCC training programme

Start: 06-01-2020

End: 25-12-2020

As we shake off our carefree holiday mood, we look forward to training continuing this year at Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre.


A few old faces (mine basically!) and a new young face – Felicia Charles, a trainee trainer, who last year completed a clinical internship at CTDCC.

The Training Menu:

  • We will not be “fixing what ain’t broke” as far as our training menu is concerned, and will continue to run our very successful 2-day workshop, Advanced Understanding of Addictive Behaviours. This is accredited for a satisfying 10 CPD points. 
  • Also among our stalwarts is the 2-day workshop in Motivational Interviewing-The Fundamentals. This is a must to increase ones counselling skills, in the field of addiction and behaviour change field. Currently offering 4 CPD points, we aim to increase this in “20plenty”.
  • We will continue to provide customized talks on substance abuse for organizations, schools, churches, etc. Usually 1 hour, they can be 2 hrs, and are interactive, interesting and relevant.
  • We will continue to present the half day Introduction to Substance Abuse workshop, for both lay people & professionals. It is real value- for -money and value- for- time, full of information on substances of abuse, addiction and how family is affected by this disorder. It is highly recommended for both lay people and professionals in mental health care and health care.     
  • We are extending our drug testing workshop to a half day format. The workshop offers guidelines and information on this sensitive yet now commonplace issue. Drug testing is taking place in work, school and medical environments, has far reaching consequences on the persons tested, and should be handled with appropriate knowledge and understanding.
  • We are adding a 1-day workshop on Gambling Addiction, the first in March. Our motivation for this is linked to the 21st Volume of SACENDU’s 2018 Research Brief (Phase 43, July to December 2017), one of its Selected Implications for Policy and Future Research being to: “Encourage substance abuse treatment centres to also test for gambling and sex addiction”. I have extensive experience in this issue, having worked for nine years at the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation.  Gambling is commonly a “hidden” addiction, not in the forefront of our minds when it comes to addiction, thus not detected and not addressed. Yet, it is estimated that 3 to 4.8% of adults in SA show high risk for problem gambling. In the Western Cape, legal gambling establishments, not including illegal online gambling sites, made R 5 295 882 784 gross in the previous financial year. This gives an inkling of the financial damage caused by this addiction.

 Please see our training calendar below for further details.

We will continue to provide training off site at a venue of your choice and at a convenient date.

We hope you join us, and we look forward to seeing you at our workshops.

Natalie Bossi (Training Manager)

Training 2020

Start: 06-01-2020

End: 24-12-2020

About the facilitator

Natalie Bossi has an Honours degree in Psychology and a post- graduate diploma in Addictions Care from UCT.  She provided training for the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation for eight years. She is a trained and experienced telephone counsellor and a highly experienced adult trainer and facilitator. 

She has also obtained a diploma in Motivational Interviewing through the University of Stellenbosch and has trained many in this invaluable communication method, which aids people in behaviour change.

Natalie is a qualified reflexologist and Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She has worked in the financial industry for companies like Old Mutual, UAL Merchant Bank and Investec.  

She joined Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre early 2017, where her focus has been on providing Motivational Interviewing training in the context of substance use disorder treatment and also providing psycho-education in substance abuse and addictive behaviour. Since then further additions have been made to the training menu in response to requests from practitioners in the field of addiction treatment. A workshop on drug testing has been added and talks or presentations on substance use for youth and adults. These have been presented in the corporate environment and at schools, colleges and other educational institutions.  

As a trainer, Natalie, adheres to adult learning methodologies, which she acquired from her experiences of training in a multitude of settings (from conference halls to the kitchen in a sports betting shop) and wanting to ensure that her training was accessible and relevant to as many persons as possible; be it security staff, cleaners, dealers or CEO’s, or, from students to qualified and experienced practitioners. 

Therefore her style of training is ideally suited and aligned with the requirements of CPD training, i.e. they have to be in accordance with adult learning methodologies, which, among other things, have to be participative and experiential. It is her abiding aim to make every training experience valuable on a practical level, substantial and challenging on a theoretical level, and enjoyable and uplifting on an experiential or phenomenological level.