Article 8 - Addiction Treatment For Adolescents

Addiction treatment for Adolescents


A vulnerable group – adolescents are more likely than any other age-group to be offered drugs, and may be pressurized to experiment. Adolescence is a challenging phase of development. Drugs may be seen as a way of boosting confidence and fitting in.


Impact of drug use – Although drugs will impact negatively in any age-group, the effects on adolescents are of particular concern. They are experiencing rapid and important development – physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Drug use will compromise their development and lead to serious gaps which they will carry into adulthood.


Identifying the problem – adolescents are likely to be secretive about their drug use. Parents and teachers need to look out for changes such as weight-loss, drop in grades, loss of interest in sport, and use of extra money, or even theft.


A progressive illness – things may not seem too bad. The adolescent may say it was just experimentation, and promise to stop. But addiction is a progressive illness, and if not addressed, will get worse.


Treatment – we offer a program tailored for adolescents. It includes individual and family counseling; an activity-based group designed to assist adolescents in making better choices; and a Drama therapy group to develop self-awareness and process emotions. Drug testing also forms part of the program.


Family involvement is important for all our clients, but particularly so for adolescents. Families attend our one-morning Family Workshop, to equip themselves with the understanding and skills to manage the addiction.


Families facing drug problems can contact us on:


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