Article 5 - A new start for Drug Addicts



CTDCC can offer you a new start if you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. By getting into recovery you can:

  • re-connect with your true self again
  •  re-build relationships and self-esteem
  •  regain opportunities you have been missing out on.


First we need to ask – Is there a problem?

Have you ever tried to stop or control your substance use?

Are family and friends worried about your substance use?

Do you ever feel ashamed or guilty about your substance use?

Is your substance use making your home life unhappy?

Has work/school suffered because of your substance use?

Have you lied about how much you drink or what drugs you’ve used?

Have you been arrested because of a substance-related incident?

Do you ever put buying drugs/alcohol ahead of financial commitments?

Have you experienced health problems related to your substance use?

Do you think about alcohol or drugs a lot?

Do you avoid people who don’t like your substance use?

Do you keep using substances despite the bad things that happen?

Do you think you may have a drug / alcohol problem?


If you answered YES to even a few of the above questions, you may need help with your substance use.


It is normal to have mixed feelings about coming for help – but give us a call; this could be the start of a new life in recovery!


For further information please contact us on 021 – 4478026, email or visit