Article 4 - Drug problems - The cost



Apart from the emotional and personal cost of drug problems –  damaged relationships, lost opportunities - there is also a huge financial cost.


Productivity and earning potential - People struggling with addictions tend not to  prioritize studies and career, thus not fulfilling their earning potential. Their ability to function well in their jobs is compromised, resulting in lost productivity and even loss of the job.  Family members’ productivity can also be seriously affected by the addict’s problems, e.g. taking time off work to sort out crises; health problems arising from all the stress.


Money spent on drugs – Using drugs on a regular basis is a costly. For example in 2011, clients at CtdCC reported spending an average of R3479 per month on drugs.  This means that our clients spent an estimated R37 million on drugs in 2011.


Treatment costs – Treatment can be expensive, with some private inpatient centres charging over R40000 for a one-month program. At CtdCC we offer a very accessible and affordable outpatient program, with the added advantage that clients can attend without having to interrupt their work/ studies.


Running a program in this specialized field requires staff with expert training and knowledge. It is an ongoing challenge to provide this service to the Cape Town community, and we welcome your support. If you would like to donate to CTDCC simply log onto our website or call our office.


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